There are many cyclists who usually enjoy riding on cycle in the leisure. This is one of exercise for the people because this will always keep the body fit for them. However, most of the seasonal cyclists do not get panic for learning and keeping things in mind. As a result, they always welcome many problems in the normal life.

If you are also one of them, then, we are highlighting the things that you will also need to keep in mind. When you will have the things keep in mind, you can easily make the things possible. On the other hand, you will always take care yourself when you are in big trouble. However, the things will always keep your far from any type of trouble due to cycling.

First of all, you will always need to carry a water bottle in the bicycle. This is mandatory because most of the people ride bicycle for a long time. Therefore, you can never know when you will need the thirst. For that reason, this is a safe way for the bicycle rider in any place. On the other hand, water will also helpful in case you face any injury or need to fresh up yourself for anything.


Secondly, you are not a serious bicycle rider especially not a regular person. For that reason, this is impossible for you to continue bicycling for a long time. This is the point that an irregular bicycler do not want to understand. Because of leisure, he or she used to ride as much as they can. In one stage, he or she feels tired and extremely injured in few cases. This is only because of different obstacle and long time bicycling suddenly.

Thirdly, you should always avoid using the bicycle like a professional. You should think about the safety concern and road condition. If you are riding once a month, you may not cope with the bad conditions of the roads. Moreover, this will be impossible for you to ride on difficult surfaces like over metal or railway tracks. Therefore, you should think and prepare yourself before you are riding on different surfaces.

Fourthly, you should always take the best carry on backpack if your intention is going on a camping in the forest using the mountain bicycle. This is one of the crazy things that the irregular bicyclists do in the leisure. In this case, you can the normal road for riding instead of mountain tracks. Always remember that you can’t ride like the mountain bikers using your bicycle safely. You will always be in the risk of getting injury if you are not serious and careful.


Fifthly, don’t go with normal clothing if you want to go for a long bicycling road. You should always take the helmet and other accessories so that you can avoid any type of injury. You will need to go for work when the vacation is over. Therefore, you should not avoid anything that can give you the best effort.

Sixthly, this is good if you can carry some important items while bicycling. In this case, you should consider the first-aid box and other items. On the other hand, you should always keep different shoes that are perfect for bicycling. Therefore, you should think about the safety for your foot and take good benefit.

Seventhly, you should talk with your doctor for bicycling in order to get good experience from riding a bicycle. Some of the bicycle riders do not care about the health conditions and other facts. The heart patients are considered not to ride bicycle in a high speed because this can call the panic. Moreover, the people who have other problems like broken bones and leg pains should not ride a bicycle for a long time.

For considering a safe bicycling experience in leisure, you should buy some important safety concerned items. In this case, you will need to purchase the helmet, pads and other equipments to be a professional level bicycle. These are the items that will always keep you safe and aware of getting things very worse.

Now you should always think about the things to keep in mind while bicycling during the leisure. Otherwise, you will never become the best person to ride the bicycle. For that reason, you should consider the things carefully and always follow the items.

Therefore, you will need to be safe and prepare yourself for the working hours. Otherwise, you can never expect to have an injury free bicycle journey. So, don’t become injured bicycle rider because of your unwise act or bicycling time. You should think about your future of bicycling so that you can handle a long time experience. Here, buying the best bicycle in the market depending on your height is also an important issue.




Am I ready for it? Am I physically fit enough? Can I do it right? Have you ever felt these nagging thoughts before starting your mountain climbing? Well, to be honest, these thoughts hit most of our minds and they are natural, indeed.
My climbing experience was full of energy, excitement, thrill & a bit of turmoil. More or less, it’s a complete pack phenomenal experience. To be frank, let me tell you that mountaineering is not everyone’s cup of tea but with sheer determination and planned routine, anyone can be a part of it.
The moment your mind hit with the thought to climb a mountain, you must initiate the preparation then itself. Climbing is an instinctual practice accompanied by right guidance to fulfill your passion.
We aren’t born masters, we acquire skills. This applies in climbing as well; one needs to work sincerely, and with right guidance to achieve the set goal.

Get the right mountain gear:


Your best friend throughout your excursion would be your mountain gears. Use the best backpack, Swissgear Travel Gear Scansmart Backpack 1900 to store all your essentials. Note that the principle of travelling is based on light backpack without leaving the essentials behind.
If you opt to hire a mountain gear just make sure you don’t compromise with its quality. However, quality can’t be taken for granted as it’s directly proportionate to your safety.

Choose the location and time carefully

Your choice of location must be based on two thing- money and physical endurance. Research is decisive; check the areas and the mountain to be climbed. If you are a beginner, it’s not advisable to climb a big mountain. Europe is best for mountaineering from July to September, whereas, New Zealand’s best time is from December to March.
Also, keep yourself updated with best deals that are available in these seasons.

Research in books

One should gather extensive knowledge about climbing and learn from others experiences. Believe me, the more you’ll read, more you’ll be able to get a picture about the pros & cons of climbing.
During the whole preparation process you’ll come across people who are mountaineer. Never keep a hitch to ask questions to them as their guidelines can be really helpful to you.

Prepare yourself

Climbing consists of two things- physical endurance and passion. Both these things will work as pillars of success in your climbing excursion. This will be the crucial part in your climbing

  • Grab the optimum physical fitness: You need to work hard to reach the desired fitness level. Start with running, bicycling, swimming and few other cardio exercises. Remember, when you’ll reach height while climbing, oxygen would be lesser therein. So, it’s highly appropriate to work out with cardio exercises. Make a schedule for your work out. There are plenty of programs that can assist you to attain your desire.
  • Be mentally prepared: It’s of utmost importance to be mentally prepared with physical fitness. Mountaineering is an extreme sport and hence, requires mental strength to accomplish that. You need to be ready with the expected situations. You need to be smart enough to push your body beyond the pain threshold. Check on your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.Nobody is looking at you, so don’t get away with the kind of performance you show; you just have to do your best.

Get proper training

Enroll into a climbing program if you are travelling for the first time. This would benefit you to acquire professional skills on climbing. You’ll be introduced to climbing safety techniques and first aid measures.
These programs can get you the perfect guidance about camping and climbing that are beneficial for the expedition. These basics need to be strong as they’ll be used for climbing. Apart from this, do take care of your hygiene. You may be prone to numerous health related problems during the excursion, so make sure you’re ready to face them.

Climb with people who are better than you

If you want to be a wizard, travel with wizards, this means that to turn the success rate into 100%, you must climb people who know better than you. Someone who knows climbing can be extremely helpful throughout.
Always plan in advance about your expedition as this enables you to face the repercussions. Life is uncertain but my planning ahead in advance increases the success rate. Make sure you carry all the essentials along to face the challenges. It’s also essential to check your safety measures, as many accidents happen due to slight carelessness that you must avoid.
Nothing in this world is impossible so, you can achieve your burning desire of climbing a mountain. Your passion must be more than your excuses, and then surely your efforts would pay off well.


First of all let me tell you that if you haven’t turned up to a mountain ride, you are surely missing a ‘big’ thing in life. Don’t misunderstand me; I have nothing against road riding but yes, as I am a big mountain ride lover, so I am a bit biased.
Everyone describes their perfect mountain ride differently. For me, it is mix of great memories, hill top photo shoot, camping with friends, and the transcendent view of 10,000 feet above the road.A truly out of the world feeling on can capture.

Why mountain riding?

Summers are the prime riding season for mountain riding with an exquisite mountain bike. The reason is obvious that, they are way comfortable than winters. Another reason which drives summer to be the best is the natural view one can pull in during the ride.
So, here is the answer:

No cars (obvious reason):

you can enjoy riding your mountain bike without any interruption that is given by cars on the road. Also, no car meansno noise!


mountain riding will get you the best health by accommodating you with fresh air by trees. You reach quiet and solitude places that giveinternal peace and relaxation to us.

Variety of riding styles:

there aremarvelous riding styles that’ll match your personality. Some of them are Cross country, freeride, all-mountain, endure, to name a few.
With all this I can just say that mountain riding is a fun thing to do. Though I have a tried both, road and mountain riding, with my favorite mountain bike I just love to ride, no matter where I am.
I personally feel mountain riding is a great fun.It’s well said by Ray Bradbury that half the fun of travel is the esthetic of lostness. If you are a new comer to mountain riding it’s imperative to know all the essentials before starting the trial.

What all should I carry in my mountain bike?

So, are you ready with your bike, shorts, helmet- what’s left?
Having the right accessories is imperative for your life safety. They are inevitable as future is uncertain and one must be prepared.

  • A back pack
    Before you start your amusing ride it’s advisable to buy a quality back pack that can carry few essential. Look for a bag that has a hydration pack that will save you from carrying a separate bottle.There are models available that also have adequate space for helmet to carry.
  • Powerful inner pump
    The word ‘powerful’ is stressed as it’s that important. Go for only powerful inner pump as lower power pumps can be frustrating and tiring. Gratefully, there are numerous good mini pumps available in market that’ll inflatein matter of seconds.
  • Inner tube
    You just can’t resist a puncture, so carry a spare one that won’t let you stranded. Believe me, it’s no fun getting miles away to repair your mountain bike and loose all the excitement. Be ready for every situation.
  • Tyre levers
    If stuck in with a flat tyreit’ll be much easier with a tyre lever. A decent one won’t cost you more than a fiver and believe me the investment would be worth its cost!
  • Multi-tool
    A dedicated multi-tool is of great value for minor repairswhen out on the trial. Most of them come with screwdriver attachment, Allen keysand Torx wrench heads that can be used for a wide range of fixes. It’s better if you try which tool works best with your mountain bikebefore you hit the trial.
  • First aid kit
    Injuries can happen anywhere so carry your first aid kit for minor cuts, bumps, grazes and bruises. Opt for a light weight kit to save your energy.
    With all this comes one important question! Which mountain bike is best for me?You’ll be introduced to many mountain bikes by a shop owner but what’s important is your stipulation from the bike.
    Hardatil: If you want an affordable first mountain bike, a bike for occasional trial use,or a bike for advancing your riding skills, a hardtail bike is the most appropriate for you.
    Full suspension: if you a want a bike dedicated for full dirt trailriding; want to ride faster with more control in difficult terrain,then this is the best option for you. It’s slightly costlier than other bikes.
    Wheel sizes: you can explore many bikes withfalling between 26”to 27.5”.With great development, now,one can get a wide range of incredible bikes in the stores. They are more refined and have some exquisite features in them.
    Frame material: this largely influences the weight of a bike, longevity, strength, ride quality and price. Look for bikes that have quality frame material.
    It’s decisive to know your own requirement in accord to the mountain bike. Choose a bike that suits you best for your mountain riding. But yes, keep in mind that its maintenance is in your hands. Keep a check on its maintenance schedule to keep your bike in the best form so that you canavail all the fun and excitement with it. Happy riding!

Cramped Camping

Do not be intimidated going camping; it’s a simple and unbelievably enjoyable. Camping and hiking can turn out something outstanding if you never tried one.
After my camping trip I have a bunch of clicks to put on Instagram, great moments with friends, loads of mad fun & not to forget a brand new experience.
So, here is a question why go camping? The encouragement you get from your friends is great. Whether, you do river rafting, hiking, or any other adventurous activity, you’ll love it. I’ll say that it’s the most quality time spent with friends. It’s tends to be like this with no cell phones, no distraction, being mentally present and having the best time with your friends along with the beauty of nature. What else one can ask for?
Most of the people camp for 3 days on their weekend, while few opt for a week. There is nothing like you’ll have to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of camping. What all you need to do is prepare well for it.

What all do I need to carry?

Well without a good planning nothing can be achieved and I think that’s the reason we plan before our audacious trips.

Essential 1: Shelter

Your shelter would be a place where you’ll keep your head each night, where you’ll retreat during nasty weather. Moreover, it has to be comfortable for you, as you are away from the home and comfort.

Choose the best shelter for your needs

  • Choose a tent that fits all your needs. Large tents require more space and more efforts. So, take a wise decision.
  • Consider the wind direction. Place your tent opposite the camp fire or else it would turn out as a smoky night.
  • Small tents are more flexible for replacement. Plus, they are easy to carry.

Essential 2: Fire

Nothing can comfort campers more than a good camp fire. But to enjoy the real fun one must have the required tools, good rager, often which can be a camper’s trouble.

Fire Camping
Know your burn rate

The ideal logs are 12-14 would be ideal for cooking in a cast iron. This would be comfortable until midnight. Note: always use dry wood as it catches fire easily.

Essential 3: Food

Everyone knows that cooking with beauty of nature gives a rustic touch to the food. But because you are cooking out doesn’t mean that you have to settle down with simple dishes. Try some great dishes that could be prepared out.
For this, use a cast iron. It’s versatile, durable and is just the perfect for camping. Multi-tools aren’t good for backpackers. But yes a Swissgear Travel Gear Scansmart Backpack 1900 is more than normal backpack and much affordable.

Essential 4: Water

After a busy trial there is nothing alluring than having cold water. Well, a beer can be heaven but no other drink can match equation for water for this purpose.
Use gallon jumps to store water. It’s simple and easy to grab fresh water on the way. Use travel mugs, insulated stainless steel models or squeeze bottles.
More or less these things are inevitable and with my personal experience I can tell you that it’s important to keep all these things on your check list.
With all the above important things there are some small yet essential items to pull in for a great expedition.

Things to keep inside the tent:

A pack of cards is a good fun, a head torch (essential), and an inflated dry pillow. All these stuff are essential too.

During the day:

A light camelbaks are advisable while on a trail. They are compatible if you struggle for space due to their adjustable clips and straps. Also, chose a right trekking pole. Not only should your pole be lightweight but also, strong enough for use.

For the evening/morning:

Carry a good Swiss army knife to cut sharp items or fresh raw fruits. Always take this along whenever you go for camping or hiking. A portable charger is important to stay connected. Carrying a travel mug is good to hold tea/coffee or any other beverage. Its flash technology keeps it cool or warm.
Camping and hiking are not just adventure expeditions, in fact they are the amazing moments of life. The best part is you can allure all the fun only by little preparation.
Life is a one time opportunity and I try to make the best out of it. My camping excursion is the time where I find time for myself, and my friends. It’s the quality time spent together with enormous beautiful moments. If you aren’t sure about going for such excursion for the first time, opt for camping tour guides, who can assist you professionally. It’s advisable to look certain guidance if it’s your first time. But yes, money is certainly never a problem, even by spending few dollars you can feel ecstatic. Happy journey!


Tips for professional cycling

Cycling is a truly amazing and invigorating experience. An experience that is enjoyed by folks of all ages! Whatever is your age or profession you can enjoy the fun ride of cycling with magnificent beauty of nature.
Well, regular cycling also diminishes the risk of severe diseases that are common these days like heart diseases, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Another benefit that cycling gives is that it keeps the weight under control and boosts our mood.

Before you start

Cycle Style
Though cycling is extremely easy to learn but still certain basic knowledge is always good. For most people, it’s safe to opt cycling but if you have any previous health issues see your doctor before you start.
For an ordinary short journey, any good working bike would be fine. You can get a shopping bike, a mountain bike or an old 10-speed racer. A specialist bike shop owner would suggest you about the correct frame size and help you select right bike according to your needs.

Cycling safety

Whether you are practicing for professional cycling or ordinary, it’s of high importance to wear safety along.
• Wear a helmet
• Plan your route
• Practice in a safe environment
• Check your bike before you start
• Be alert
If you are a new to cycling, practice in a safe environment under the guidance of an expert. To match the professional cyclist on needs to keep certain things in mind. Also, keep the best travel backpack along with you to carry all the essentials. It’s highly recommendable to carry certain liquids with you as they maintain the balance of hydration level in the body.

  1. Pick the right seat
    It’s highly essential for a cyclist to get the right seat. A hard or rough seat can’t be advisable for everyone. Position your saddle in such a way that your knee is slightly bent at the bottom of each rotation.
  2. Initiate slowly
    If you are starting after long or new to cycling, take a slow start. Pedal only 30 minutes or so for the first three to four weeks. You must increase the speed and time, gradually. Also, start in groups with friends if possible. This will increase your morale.
  3. Dress in comfort
    A cyclist must dress in comfort to do better cycling. Consider wearing a pair of sleek shorts to get utmost comfort. To get extra protection opt for shorts with no seams at the crotch or a good padding to fly away perspiration. If you have clips pedals you’ll have to wear special shoes that are designed to hold such pedals.
  4. Cycle only at day time
    Most of the accidents happen a night between 6pm-9 pm, one must avoid cycling at this time. Also, go bright with colors. Wear bright colored clothes and put a reflecting tape on your headlight (these are smart strategies for anytime in a day).
  5. Use good road sense
    When cycling ride with traffic, just follow the rules and try to communicate with the drivers. You should use hand signals when you turn and never ride side by side with other cyclists.
  6. Do your best braking and gearing
    To exert adequate pressure on cycling you must have proper braking. For any quick stop firmly use your brakes & slide your buttocks to the very back of the saddle.
    Do not paddle at a very high gear for long as this can increase the pressure of your knees. It’s better if you shift to lower gears as this gives faster revolution with more exercise
    One needs to have acute determination, dedication, and hard work to illustrate the capabilities of a professional cyclist. But as said by many, nothing is impossible to achieve with right guidance and hard work.

How is Cycling helpful to maintain our health?

With cycling comes enjoyment, fun, and excitement but along with that it has many health benefits as well. Cycling works remarkably well on stress.
Few researches say that cycling can increase your moods and brain power. It also works well on strengthening muscles, lungs, and reduces cardio problems. In short, cycling has some great health benefits that why it’s loved my all age groups.
Cycling increases helps one to maintain perfect shape of the body. You can burn the extra fats by doing regular cycling and it also increasing your stamina. Also, if you do cycling in short intervals (of 30 minutes) it can burn your calories to a higher rate. It’s said that after a period of 30 minutes body burns more calories than doing continuously.
Cycling also improves the quality of sleep; a study held at the Stanford University of Medicine in the USA stated that insomnia sufferers resulted at improving their sleep after riding 20-30 minutes each day. So, if you suffer any kind of sleeping disorders cycling can improve it to some extent.